Sensor Monitoring

The most important part of a security system it being able to tell when a door is open, motion is detected, or any other sensor is triggered. Our system takes the standard sensors and adds to them. You can monitor fire, doors, motion, windows, water detection, glass break and temperature from anywhere in the world.

Door / Windows Sensors

Our system is designed to work with a variety of magnetic door / window contacts. Sensors can be attached to any door, window or garage door to monitor if it is opened or closed.

Motion Sensors

Detect when there is motion triggered in your system. Our system supports all Honeywell motion sensors. Have pets? No problem! You can set your motion to be pet friendly and ignore pets up to 50 lbs!

Glass Break Sensors

One of the easiest ways to break into a home is to shatter the glass. Glass break sensors provide great protection against this. Glass break sensors work by listening for the specific audio frequency of glass shattering.

Water Detection

Sumps can fail or be overrun during heavy rainfall. When water is rising in your basement, you need to act fast. Attach a water sensor to your sump pump and be notified when water levels are becoming dangerous!

Temperature Sensors

Temperature is often overlooked when thinking about keeping your house safe. But when if you are on vacation in February when it is 11°F and your heater fails? After a few days, expect pipes to burst and a very expensive headache when you return home. By adding a very inexpensive temperature sensor to your system, you will never have to worry about that again!

Fire Detection

You can easily tap into your existing fire detectors in your home so that you can be alerted when you are gone if a fire has been detected!