your future. 







Web & mobile app security testing for 

startups and medium-sized tech businesses.


We take the headache 

out of penetration testing.

Testing the security of your web or mobile application doesn’t need to be expensive or complex. We’ll take you from start to finish in just 3-4 weeks. This is how we do it:



Spend time with one of our experienced consultants to set the scope of the project. This includes understanding your objective(s), budget and other constraints. 


Our consultant will start the test and provide you with quick daily updates. He or she will work with your team or independently.


After the test has been finished, we will deliver you a report. The report will include a summary, findings and recommendations that you can act on. 






Get the same services large enterprises enjoy.

The guys and girls we work with have experience securing everything from Fortune 500 companies to governments.

Vincent Vukovic
Founder & CEO

Vincent got passionate about security in the 90s. He has extensive experience in building communities as well as organizations. He spends his time finding clients that make an impact on the world.

Lucas Lundgren

Lucas has close to 20 years in security, working with companies in everything from banking and finance to oil and gas. He spends time breaking into impenetrable fortresses and doing security research.

Global Network

We have developed a global 

network of security professionals for almost 20 years. You’ll be able to tap into our network when working with us, ensuring you have the best people for the job.


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